HI, I'm Ivana...

and my  goal for you is to become more resilient to every day stress, adopt a positive mindset and optimize your wellbeing, so that you can really enjoy your life and thrive! 

I am an international, certified yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500),  progressive & systemic constellations facilitator, and wellness consultant,  with a diverse career trajectory that spans across Europe, Asia and Latin America.  

For the last fifteen years, I’ve been dedicated to helping individual and corporate clients, prioritize and cultivate their inner balance through the practice of yoga, meditation, and healthy living. 

About systemic Yoga

This website is about delivering a holistic approach to stress management and your wellbeing, with the key pillars being, mindful movement, breath awareness, meditation, compassion, healthy lifestyle, mindset training and a better understanding of yourself, relative to your family system and environment. Systemic Yoga is all about you and how you can cultivate harmony and balance in your life.

Your wellbeing (or a lack of) is not just an isolated sensation you experience in the moment. Your past experiences, your family dynamics as well as genetics , diet, lifestyle, and environment, all play a role in how you respond to stress, move your body, breathe, interact with others, and navigate through life in general. This is why, unfortunately, there is no simple solution to managing stress, but rather, it needs to be dealt with on different levels, and requires long-term commitment and self-discipline on your part.

Systemic Yoga is about you learning to see and think about your wellbeing in a new and different way. One that honours you as a unique individual, but at the same time in a way that you begin to understand that you are also systemically connected to your family, society, culture and environment. 

MY Backstory

Born in New Zealand, and of Croatian nationality, my personal and professional journey extends across different countries around the world, including Canada, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and my now permanent residence, Chile.

My interest in the mind-body connection goes back to my teenage years, during which I took yoga classes as part of my ballet & dance training.

Also, before embarking on the path of yoga, wellness, and systemic therapy journey, I completed my formal education in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and worked in both fields. In fact it was work-related stress that initially motivated me to dive deeper into yoga, and find more balance in my life !

I completed my first Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Zagreb, Croatia at the Nava Power Yoga & Pilates Studio (2008), under the tutelage of  Nikki Colon and Steven Liebes. I then taught Power Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa part-time,  at several studios in Zagreb, before deciding to further deepen my knowledge in yoga.

Subsequently, I  continued my education at the internationally renowned yoga school – Centered Yoga Institute (Samahita Retreat), in Koh Samui, Thailand (2011), under the tutelage of Paul Dallaghan. It was at the same institute and  retreat center, where I  worked as a wellness director and yoga teacher for a couple of years.  At Samahita, I had the opportunity to manage detox, weight loss, and stress management programs, as well as lead wellness retreats and teach yoga to thousands of students. 

After Thailand, I was invited to work for a wellness resort start-up in Bali,  Indonesia, in the role of business development director and yoga teacher.  Living in Bali not only enriched my professional experience, but also gave me the chance to immerse into Eastern body -mind practices such as Tao Kung ,  White Crane Silat (Chinese-Indonesian martial art) and Mindfulness meditation. Subsequently, I spent another year in Bejing China, working for the Walt Disney Company, teaching English and leading yoga-based stress management programs for the employees. 

For the last six years, I’ve been based in Santiago de Chile, where I fulfilled my  long-time dream of running an independent yoga & coaching business. In 2019, I obtained my Progressive (Systemic) Constellations  facilitator certificate from the Instituto Luz Rodriguez, Bilbao, Spain, after an extensive two-year training. 

Ever since, I’ve  been integrating systemic work and yoga in my teaching and consulting,  as I find that the two methods complement each other perfectly on anyone’s journey of self-development, including my own. I published a book  in 2019 on the subject.  

With the belief that learning requires a lifelong commitment, I regularly attend international workshops and courses. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. To see my full professional profile,  please visit my LinkedIn below. 

Relevant   Accreditations


  • Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certificate  granted by Nava Power Yoga Studio in Zagreb, Croatia 
  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate  granted by Centered Yoga Institute (Samhita Retreat), in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certificate  granted by Centered Yoga Institute (Samahita Retreat), in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy Course Certificate granted by Yoga Anatomy Institute, Miami, U.S.
  • Progressive Constellations Facilitator Training Certificate, granted by Luz Rodríguez Institute, Bilbao, Spain