About Ivana Jelincic-Atkinson

Ivana es profesora de yoga y meditación, consteladora progresiva y sistémica, y consultora de bienestar. Su experiencia en enseñanza de yoga, consultoría de bienestar y auto-desarrollo se ha extendido internacionalmente a lo largo de Europa, Asia y Sudamérica.

How can a systemic outlook help you overcome your issues?

Whether you're struggling with bureaucracy, your  job, family or a health issue, you are basically dealing with some kind of system.  The Austrian biologist and one of the founders of the  General Systems Theory  Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy stated that "a system may be more than the sum of its parts if it expresses synergy [...]

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How can regular yoga practice change you for the better?

  Most people who have immersed into a diligent daily yoga practice claim to have made some pretty incredible shifts on both a mental and physical level. So what actually happens when you start to practice yoga REGULARLY, assuming you are learning from a qualified teacher who will ensure you are practicing correctly and safely? [...]

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Six Ways to Detox a Negative Mind

Deep down, despite our differences as human beings, we all  want the same basic things in life.  The well - known Maslow Pyramid best defines our needs as physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Logically, our mental state greatly depends on whether these are met or not. If you have just lost your [...]

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Internal Images and Our Beliefs

There is no doubt that we are constantly forming and expressing our opinions. But have you ever asked yourself, I mean really asked yourself, where your views and opinions come from? Most probably your instinctive answer will be: "Well it's based on facts and the truth". So my next question is; How did you come [...]

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Yoga Breathing for Stress Management & Wellbeing

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”  Thich Nhat Hanh It is very likely that you have never thought that a function as basic and automatic as breathing can affect not only your psychophysical state, but also your personality. Most people breathe inefficiently their entire lives and [...]

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Five rules to live by in a time of crisis

The pandemic crisis we are experiencing worldwide  is surely multi-facetical and complex. Thus, it is perfectly understandable to feel overwhelmed from all the tragic news, social media feeds and the recently imposed radical measures of social distancing.  Whether you believe this started as a pure accident, a conspiracy, or like me, are stuck in a [...]

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Why does(n’t) the Law of Attraction work?

Why does(n't) the Law of Attraction work? One of the key premises of  New Age philosophy is that we attract what we think. How many times have you heard that you just have to use positive affirmations and your dreams will come true? It sounds very promising indeed and many  life coaches and motivational speakers [...]

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