Meet Ivana


Ivana is an international, certified, Yoga Alliance  Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500),  Progressive Constellations Facilitator, and book author.

She poured her heart and soul into creating Systemic Yoga, with a mission to help clients, embark the journey of self-growth, through the practice of yoga, meditation and/or systemic constellations.

Ivana’s yoga classes will help you, gain more breath awareness, reduce stress,  find your ideal posture alignment in accordance with your constitution, strengthen your body & mind, and establish a solid self-practice.

Her systemic coaching sessions are designed to help you untangle  personal or professional issues, by taking into consideration your family system as well as your  core beliefs, and equip you with tools for long-term self-empowerment.


Born in New Zealand, and of Croatian origin, Ivana’s personal and professional journey extends across different countries around the world, including Canada, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Chile. Her interest in the mind-body connection goes back to her teenage years, during which she took yoga classes as part of her ballet & dance training.

She has vast experience in teaching yoga, wellness consulting, coaching clients, leading retreats internationally,  working for some of the most renowned wellness resorts and yoga retreat centers in Asia, and running her own yoga center in Santiago de Chile.  Ivana is passionate about her latest project Systemic Yoga,  born at the time of the pandemic, and dedicated to supporting clients in an online format.

Also, before embarking on the path of yoga, wellness, and systemic therapy journey, she completed her formal education in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Ivana completed her first Power Vinyasa Yoga training in Zagreb, Croatia at the Nava Power Yoga & Pilates Studio (2008), under the tutelage of teachers Nikki Colon and Steven Liebes.  She taught Power Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa, at several studios in Zagreb for two years, before deciding to further widen her knowledge in yoga.

Ivana then continued her education at the internationally renowned yoga school – Centered Yoga Institute (Samahita Retreat), in Thailand (2011), under the tutelage of teacher Paul Dallaghan . It was at the same institute and retreat center, where she worked as a wellness director and yoga teacher for a couple of years.

In 2013, Ivana was invited to work for a wellness resort start-up in Bali, in the role of business development director and yoga teacher. Subsequently, she spent 2015 in Beijing China, teaching yoga and English.

Upon moving to Chile in 2016, Ivana first worked as an English teacher at the renowned University of Concepción, and then in 2017, she decided to pursue her long-time dream of running an independent yoga & wellbeing business, Suvita Yoga & Bienestar.

In the same year, she enrolled in an extensive two-year  Progressive Constellations facilitator training at the Luz Rodríguez Institute, Bilbao Spain, and obtained her certification in 2019.

Since then, Ivana has been integrating systemic work and yoga in her teaching and consulting, as she finds that the two methods complement each other perfectly on anyone’s journey of self-development, including her own.

She published the book Systemic Yoga – Four steps to overcoming unconscious fear in 2019 on the subject.

With a strong conviction that learning is a lifelong commitment, Ivana regularly takes  CE (Continuing Education) yoga workshops and  courses, with internationally distinguished teachers such as, David Keil, Leslie Kaminoff,  Anthony Prem Carlisi & Radha Heather Carlisi, Nathania Stambouli, and others.