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I’m Ivana Jelincic – Atkinson, an international yoga teacher, Systemic  Constellations facilitator, book author & blogger. And a passionate traveler since an early age!
I am fully committed to helping clients achieve  inner balance and wellbeing through  yoga and meditation, as well as through exploring the connection between emotions and the family system.
For more than a decade now, I have been teaching yoga & meditation, in addition to managing and  leading stress management & wellness programs, for studios, wellness resorts, educational institutions and companies, in Croatia, Thailand, Bali-Indonesia, China and Chile.
Finally, throughout my personal journey and the experience of working with clients,  I have witnessed  how the integration of Yoga and Systemic Constellations, has shown to be a highly powerful and transformative method for self-development.

My backstory

Born in New Zealand, and of Croatian origin, my personal & professional journey extends accross different countries around the world, including Canada, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Chile.

I initially completed my academic education in  Hotel & Tourism Management and EFL teaching. In addition, I spent several years working in the corporate world and also as an English teacher. However, my interest in the body-mind connection, wellness & self-development, inspired me to fully embark the journey of yoga and systemic constellations therapy.

After completing my first yoga teacher training in Zagreb Croatia in 2008, I taught classes in several studios in the city and in 2011 I moved to Asia.
I spent 3 years in Thailand, where I continued my studies in yoga as well as worked for one of the most renowned yoga institutes & resorts, Samahita Retreat, in the role of wellness director and yoga teacher.

In 2014 I had the honour of living in Bali for a year, and working for Svarga Loka Ubud, a wellness and yoga resort start up, in the role of Business Development Director and Yoga Teacher. It was in this very resort and temple, where I had the opportunity to immerse into the Indonesian martial art Bangau Putih Silat and its sister exercise system for health, Tao Kung.

In 2015, I relocated to Beijing, for a teaching job at Walt Disney English and a yoga and wellness project for a hotel spa.

In 2016 I moved my base to ChiIe, a country where I had already spent 4 wonderful years during my university years.  I worked at the University of Concepción an English teacher for a year, followed by running my own yoga & Systemic Constellations center Suvita Yoga & Bienestar in Santiago de Chile. The extensive experience of teaching yoga & facilitating Progressive Systemic Constellations sessions, evolved into a holistic method called, “Systemic Yoga”.  In 2019, I  published my first book “Systemic Yoga- Four steps to overcome unconscious fear”, that is now available on Amazon.


Yoga & Systemic Therapy Certificates:

  • Progressive Systemic Constellations Facilitator Training – Instituto Luz Rodriguez, Bilbao, Spain
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training RYT 500 – Centered Yoga Thailand (Samahita Retreat), Koh Samui Thailand (accredited by International Yoga       Alliance)
  •  A Foundation in Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200 – Centered Yoga Thailand (Samahita Retreat), Koh Samui Thailand (accredited by International Yoga Alliance)
  •  Power Vinyasa Teacher Training RYT 200 – Nava Power Yoga & Pilates Studio , Zagreb Croatia (accredited by International Yoga Alliance)

Other Professional Certificates

  •  B.A. Tourism & Hotel Management  – Univeridad de Magallanes, Chile
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Children (Basic Certificate) – TEFL International & Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Children (Advanced Certificate)- TEFL International & Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language in a CALL environment in B-Learning Modality – Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • Teaching English, Spanish & Croatian as a Foreign Language with the Berlitz Method – Berlitz Zagreb, Croatia
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