My first contact with yoga was in the Systematic Yoga classes with Ivana. It was a great experience that helped me a great deal, to manage my anxiety, increase my self-esteem, improve my quality of sleep, and I believe, to become calmer. Since I started the course, I have a need to find a better version of myself. The classes are adapted to everyone and it is a very nice time of the day for me. Ivana is very technical and has a lot of experience, which has been essential for me to evolve in the classes.
Keyse Aparecida
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ivana Jelincic Atkinson for her help with Systemic Constellations. The sessions have allowed me to better understand and accept those situations in my life, that wouldn’t allow me to get ahead in life. Thanks to Ivana’s help, I have learned how to let go , in order to be happier and move on with my life. I loved the sessions and highly recommend them.
Elianira Rojas
Perfect! The Progressive Systemic Constellations sessions with Ivana have helped me so much. I look forward to my next session.
Maja Hozjan
Progressive Systemic Constellations helped me understand some family relations and gave me the possibility to say the unspeakable. This had an impact on changing the energy within myself, consequently also influencing people around me for the better.
Daniela A. Jelincic
Ivana, first of all thank you infinitely for the systemic constellation session in which I was able to participate. It was an enriching experience, especially for these times. It helped me above all not to get stuck in fear and despair. You do magnificent work, again, thanks a lot.
Rosa Araya
I first heard about Progressive Systemic Constellations when I did an interview with Ivana for Naturala.hr portal https://www.naturala.hr/ivana-jelincic-atkinson-nepotrebno-nosimo-sa-sobom-breme-predaka/ – and her answers to my curious journalistic questions, inspired me to go through the experience of resolving my deep traumas with this technique. Ivana is a very experienced therapist, who will guide you through this process with her gentle hand and great intuition. You won’t even be able to grasp it all, but things will start to unravel on their own. Something that has plagued you for years – a trauma that you haven’t been able to heal, relationships with your loved ones, misunderstandings, your relationship towards money, work … it all somehow clears up. Through this process you will gain deep insights about your life , if you are ready and open to do the work and change. You will be able to look at life from a completely different angle and solve things. I don’t know how else to describe working with Ivana, except, as if you had a tangled ball of wool in your hands for years, you tried everything to untangle it , but there was no progress. And then all of a sudden, with her help, in just a few sessions, you find that one thread that will untangle the ball. No one will be able to unravel it but yourself, but with an understanding of the cause and core of the problem, with an understanding of the dynamics of the most important relationships in your life, and by proudly accepting your own responsibility, you will be able to solve what seemed impossible.
Andrea Situm